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Living in Christ Ministries

The purpose of Living in Christ Ministries (LICM) could be stated most concisely as a ministry of "Proclaiming Christ to Christians." In order to grow in maturity and wholeness and fruitfulness and Christlikeness, we must be feeding on the truth from God's word about the Lord Jesus Christ, who lives in us as our hope of glory. Another way to express our purpose is that we are involved in pointing God's people to the Lord and His word.

This is done primarily through Bible study seminars including: Counseling God's Way, Growing in the Grace of God, The Church: How Jesus Builds It, Promise Believers, and Contending for the Faith. Our messages also go out through Church Services, Pastors' Conferences, Retreats, Bible Colleges, Schools of Ministry, overseas ministry trips, through tapes and through this website. Additional teaching themes commonly deal with The Sufficiency of Christ and His Word, The Psychologizing of the Faith, The Ability of God's Word, and Knowing God. A newly developing avenue of ministry is writing. A compact paperback entitled Psychologizing the Faith has been published by The Word For Today. A new book entitled How to Counsel God's Way has recently been published and made available. Other books and writing projects will be following soon as the Lord allows. Please click on the links below to learn more about the ministry of LICM.