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Michael is a talented actor, writer, and vocalist who formerly performed on New York's off-Broadway stages and took on various roles in television day-time drama. After giving his heart fully to Jesus Christ , Michael began to search for ways to glorify God through his life and talents. Hence, the musical drama, "Heart In A Box" was created, which Michael has traveled with throughout the United States and parts of Europe for over 10 years-preaching the powerful message of the Gospel through this inspiring musical drama based on his own testimony.

Michael has subsequently written four additional dramatical plays, Silver Cord, Hope Chest, The Bema Seat,, and the newest, Divine Comebacks for an Impertinent Planet. Information on each play is available through the links below.

The musical sound tracks from the three plays: Heart In A Box, Silver Cord and Hope Chest are available on CD and cassette.

          Divine Comebacks
          The Bema
          Hope Chest
          The Silver Cord
          Heart In A Box